The Fund

Value Squared - The Responsible Investment Fund - invests in global public equity that adheres to our three golden principles: 


  • Responsible companies with high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance; 

  • Companies with Sustainable Goods and Services (SGS) which provide solutions for global challenges and thus encompass impressive growth potential;

  • Companies with high-quality financial performance and potential.


Our Investment Process and Unique Methodology:

Choosing the leading ESG-performing companies that supply goods and services with high growth potential (SGS).

Financial analysis of the high-performing companies leads to "cherry picking" of the highest quality equity options.

The investment committee, which convenes at least once a week, builds the investment portfolio and determines the correct exposure to the various companies, sectors and geographical zones.

How Most Other

Responsible Funds Integrate ESG

How We Integrate ESG: Impact First

The Fund's Inherent Advantages

  • Ensured impact from our unique methodology and in-depth analysis

  • Full transparency: LP investors have access to the Fund's entire portfolio

  • Exclusive focus on responsible investment; not just one product in a huge financial institution

  • High quality, hands-on financial analysis and more liquid than private equity

  • Low volatility relative to other equity portfolios

  • Better risk management than conventional funds and many other impact funds; reduction of risk exposure through hedging and "short strategies".

  • Increasing opportunities to invest in high-growth companies 

  • Partnership with Vigeo Eiris, a global leader in ESG analysis

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