Responsible Investing

Noga at TEDx: "What does your money say about you?"

Noga at the Globes Convention: Woman and the Finance Markets 

Noga on Our Pension Funds

כתבות וסרטונים מהארץ ומהעולם

Articles & Videos From Israel and Abroad

More Opportunity, Less Risk

ESG and SDGs can provide risk mitigation and growth potential.

Greta Thunberg & Responsible Investment

Greta announces the need to fund climate solutions. Responsible investment meets this need.

Shared Value

The government promotes "shared value" within its own companies.

Where is the wind blowing?


Larry Fink, the founder and CEO of BlackRock, explains where the wind is blowing.

Principle for Responsible Investing

Responsible investing explained by one of the leading organizations promoting it 

The Good Effects Money Has

Noga Levtzion Nadan writes about the effects financial institutions have on the markets.

More Than a Declaration

After the CEO's declaration, what else can and should be done?

Can CSR reduce risk and boost valuations

Why do firms invest millions of dollars in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives? According to our paper, it’s because they reduce systematic risk and increase company valuations

Forbes and ESG

A Forbes article discussing the remarkable rise of ESG


Responsible Investing: A Real Trajectory

Responsible investments are not just a trend; they are a strategy.

Where will we invest our pension funds?

Noga Levtzion Nadan writes about our pension funds and who should make the decisions.

Merrill Lynch Already Gets It

An article by Amiram Barkat in Globes

27 Times More Effective

It is 27 times more effective to invest responsibly.

.Actually, savers care

Noga Levtzion Nadan writes about the concerns raised by savers.

The November 2019 Value Squared Conference


When impact meets the market...

We have to learn from what happened to Facebook.

Noga Levtzion Nadan writes about privacy in the age of Facebook.

Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Noga speaks at The Marker's social innovation convention.

What Are Responsible Investments?

A short video explaining the basics of responsible investments and their vital importance

Committing to Responsibility

Psagot commits to responsible investing.

Support from Rabbi Yuval Sharlo

He recommends the principles underlying responsible investing.

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